What we offer.

Ultimate Growers is a leading agricultural company dedicated to empowering farmers and providing them with access to formal markets. We understand the challenges faced by farmers in today's competitive environment and aim to bridge the gap between them and the market. With our innovative solutions and comprehensive support, we enable farmers to maximize their potential and achieve sustainable growth.

1. Empowering Farmers

At Ultimate Growers, we believe that farmers are the backbone of our society. We are committed to empowering farmers by providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to succeed. Our team of agricultural experts works closely with farmers to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that address their specific challenges.

2. Access to Formal Markets

One of the biggest challenges faced by farmers is accessing formal markets. Ultimate Growers acts as a bridge between farmers and formal market channels, ensuring fair prices and transparent transactions. We have established strong partnerships with leading wholesalers, retailers, and food processors, enabling farmers to sell their produce directly to these markets. Our market intelligence team keeps farmers informed about market trends, demand patterns, and consumer preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions about crop selection and production planning’

3. Agribusiness Training and Education

We prioritize the growth and success of farmers through our comprehensive training and education programs. Through our partnerships, we offer workshops and seminars that cover a wide range of topics, including crop management, soil health, pest control, and post-harvest handling. By equipping farmers with the latest techniques and best practices in agriculture, we empower them to make informed decisions and improve their productivity, required volumes, and produce good quality products. Our goal is to enhance farmers' skills and knowledge, enabling them to thrive in today's competitive agricultural environment. Join us in our mission to support and educate farmers for a sustainable and prosperous future.

4. Agro-processing

plays a crucial role in reducing post-harvest losses for smallholder producers by promoting and developing localized agro-processing products. Through our agro processing initiative at Ultimate Growers! We are excited to announce the establishment of our entity – Ultimate Foods that is dedicated to producing and supplying food products and fresh cut items to a diverse range of clients and hospitality industry. Through our commitment to quality and innovation, we aim to provide our clients with the freshest and most delicious products sourced directly from our farms. As we strive to deliver exceptional food products and fresh cut items to meet the needs of our valued customers. we are proud to offer opportunities for processed fresh cut fruits and vegetables by creating our own local fresh cut products from our facility, for our clients, and communities. Through our program, we not only focus on developing farmers but also support them in producing their local products to sustain their businesses. For example, we have empowered women in farming to create products like Beetroot wine & juice and many other sauce products. Connect with us at Ultimate Growers as we lead the way in agro-processing, fresh cut produce and contribute to a sustainable and thriving agricultural sector and hospitality sector!

5. Community Market Gardens

At Ultimate Growers, we are passionate about promoting community market gardens and enhancing food security. Our commitment to sustainability and community empowerment drives us to establish thriving market gardens that not only provide fresh, locally grown produce but also contribute to food security in our communities. By supporting and investing in community market gardens, we aim to create a sustainable food system that benefits all members of society. Additionally, we provide a range of home garden products to aid in planting and cultivating your own garden at home. Join us in our mission to cultivate healthy, resilient communities through community market gardens and ensure food security for all.

6. Access to Resources

We understand the importance of access to quality inputs and resources for farmers. Through strategic partnerships with leading suppliers, we provide farmers with access to high-quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and machinery at competitive prices. We also assist farmers in accessing financial resources and government subsidies to support their agricultural activities.

7. Health and Nutrition

At Ultimate Growers, we recognize the increasing demand for food products with scientifically proven health benefits. As health-conscious consumers seek out nutritious options, we are committed to providing high-quality, wholesome food that supports overall well-being. In response to the pandemic and the growing awareness of holistic diets, we have initiated various projects to offer these services through empowerment programs. Through our partnership with a food technology consultant, we are exploring innovative ways to position our brands to meet the rising demand for healthier food options. Our focus on nutrition extends to our offerings for schools, communities, and underprivileged populations, ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious and nourishing food. Join us in our mission to promote health and wellness through our nutritious food offerings.

Food security is a major challenge and as Ultimate Growers (Pty) Ltd we strive to offer solutions that empower many farmers and women in farming through our services. We want to change the perception of agricultural sector to make it an attractive option for the whole African continent. We take a broad view of food security which includes income producing agriculture, small and large scale projects.

Ultimate Growers are farmers and owns a farm in the Limpopo province where we produce various hydroponic crops for our clients


The core business is to advise farmers and agribusinesses on how to optimise production, technically and economically, in an environmentally sustainable manner. We also provides consultancy services.

The focus areas are projects relating to agricultural development, the establishment of new operations (capital intensive turn key projects) and the improvement of existing farming projects. The programme is aimed and emerging farmers and focuses on commercial agriculture and supply chain by introducing intensive techniques which are coupled with training and farmer support where we supply our clients with vegetables/ raw material/ fresh produce.

We have managed to empower and develop sustainable farming businesses where we were sourcing raw material / various crops then supply directly to our clients.


Our aim is to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods through innovative solutions that address food & nutrition security. As Our Vision states, we want to have a positive impact to our country and our community through empowerment. We realize the importance to establish an effective and sustainable solution to emerging farmers from your garden to a small scale farmer, schools and any of the farming initiative.

Community Market Gardens - programme is an income-producing organic vegetable production initiative. The aim is to develop and support market garden that have potential to produce a significant amount or organic produce where we supply restaurants and food retail businesses.


We have created permanent opportunities for the community especially youth and woman in farming

We have offered change through what we eat #GrowToEat where farmers enter into commercial market through farming crops that are required by our clients. We will continue to identify and offer support and development of small and medium agro-processing enterprises where they will have mini markets show casing their products and offer sustainability of their businesses. Agricultural training to our farmers is critical where they will be skilled and improve their farming methods, understand food safety standards & compliance and packaging. We have built our business and we believe we are ready to explore export market. We believe the database we have and access to land will be able to afford us an opportunity to supply international markets

Our aim is to farm and produce good quality raw material for our clients according to the specifications. We aim to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods through innovative solutions that address food & nutrition security. As Our Vision states, we want to have a positive impact to our country and communities. We realize the importance to establish an effective and sustainable solution creating a database of farmers, partnerships with government agencies and Enterprise Development Divisions, this will give us the opportunity to transfer our knowledge and show casing our skills and knowledge of various farming methods and link farmers with various markets. Our projects create opportunities for us in the market-place as we identify the potential clients. We have established relationships with customers that requires various vegetables. It is important that we produce the best quality by equipping farming through empowerment projects.
Food products with scientifically proven health benefits are more popular than ever. Demand for healthier food continues to grow. While many consumers are drawn to particular ingredients to address their health concerns, the pandemic has also accelerated awareness of holistic diets. As Ultimate Growers, we started looking at various projects in order to offer these services through empowerment programme. Our partnership with a food industry consultant and founder of Binder Technology Consultancy, examines how we can position our brands to meet rising demand.
Ultimate Growers has landed an opportunity to be in the space where we process fresh cut fruits and vegetables. We have identified crops that are going to be part of our agro - processing with an aim to produce our own local product for our facility, clients and communities. Through our programme, we also focus on the development of farmers where they produce their local products in order to sustain their businesses e.g. Beetroot wine and juice (Woman In farming) Agro - processing contributes towards a significant reduction of post-harvest losses encountered by small holder producers through supporting and developing localized agro-processing products. South Africa has become a net importer of processed agriculture products and the demand for processed, healthy and quality food is increasing owing to growth in urbanization and the middle class.


Our partners in agribusiness training. They specialize in agricultural training and skills development since 2004. They are an AgriSETA accredited training provider, and believe in empowering individuals and communities through education and knowledge sharing, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector. Their comprehensive training programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals at various stages of their agricultural journey.