A leading agricultural company dedicated to empowering farmers

Ultimate Growers (Pty) Ltd is a black female owned company founded in 2013, with a Level 1 BEE rating.

We have a passion to offer solutions where there are challenges, we therefore offer Ultimate Growth to farmers and in the agricultural sector. 


Our aim is to farm and produce good quality raw material for our clients according to the specifications

We ensure they farm according to the crop specifications, good quality crops, meet the volumes required includes making irrigation decisions, best farming practice. 

Gugu founded Ultimate Growers in


Our unique services offering is that we connect our farmers with our clients where we are contracted to supply various crops like vegetables and raw material for processing- access to market .


Ultimate Growers is a leading agricultural company dedicated to empowering farmers and providing them with access to formal markets. 


We are excited to have partnered with various clients where we as Ultimate Growers have been granted to supply them with various crops for their daily operations. The health pandemic seems to have skewed the preference towards science over nature, however, and today there is greater acceptance of vegetables, grains, organic and nutrional food. With so many people falling ill from the coronavirus (COVID-19)unhealthy diets are contributing to pre-existing conditions that put them more at risk and we believe agriculture is the one that will sustain life and offer sustainable businesses.