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iSii Aqua Compact

The iSii aqua compact is a clever irrigation system that controls the irrigation in your greenhouse or outdoor cultivation. Based on the plant’s requirement, you select the proper starting moment and the amount of watering. You can adjust this according to time or the amount of sunshine. In addition, this irrigation system ensures that your crop is given an optimal dosage of fertilizers. The iSii aqua compact is a clever step toward an efficient irrigation strategy with higher cultivation yield. With this modular computer, watering in your greenhouse or outdoor cultivation can be coordinated precisely to the plants’ requirements. In this manner water, climate and nutrients are used more effectively. The iSii aqua Compact can easily be expanded with climate controls such as ventilation control.

Greenhouse management information system

A better insight in your business process can save you up to 15 percent in labour costs. Nomad system is tailor – made and therefore suitable for companies of all sizes no matter it’s type of cultivation. The required data is entered into Nomad system wireless or cabled hand terminal. Nomad register and processes information such as Payroll administration, labour costs, labour productivity, pest and disease and stock management. The results are visualised through clear overviews, graphs and tables. The software is known to be very user – friendly and is available in almost all Western and Non – Western languages.

i4All- Smart Crop Monitoring

With our mobile i4All, you can measure and register all relevant growth circumstances both above and below the ground anywhere you like. An i4All system for greenhouses also has an i4All for ” open field ” purposes. You can decide what sensors are used so the i4All is fully utilized according to your needs. Another important factor, i4All field can be supplied with a Solar panel. The collected data is automatically sent via GPRS to so that you can analyze your data wherever you are in the world. This way you can determined your optimal irrigation strategy and save fertilizer.



The iSii aqua compact is a clever irrigation system that controls the irrigation in your greenhouse or outdoor cultivation



Ultimate Growers have partnered with Hoogendoorn (Netherlands) to supply and install state of art irrigation solutions for farmers to enhance efficiency of the farmers in their produce.


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Ultimate Growers will make an increasingly positive impact on stakeholders while helping to feed the world responsibly. ” 


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Our commitment is to ensure progress is made. Once we make commitments, development, and project implementation is made.

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